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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Style Head pieces I've made.

I added new items to my shop. I love them 
& am so excited about them...
They are vintage style headbands. 
They are great for photos for little ones or even women. 
I just the love elegance of them.  
So I'm here today to introduce you to them...

This head pieces name is Melanie
A lovely large teal handmade rosette accented with pearls sits on top of a black feather pad and black fold over headband. It can be made to fit a newborn to adult. 

This is Victoria.
One Large handmade pink satin Rosette accented with one pearl.
Comes on a baby soft headband or fully lined clip. 

This is Audrey.
A trio of large handmade rosettes in shades of pink. 
Accented with pearls & feathers.
Sits on pink tulle and comes on a baby soft cream headband.
Can be made to fit newborn to adults. 

This pretty doesn't have a name yet lol.
One large sea foam satin rosette accented with pearls and sits on casa lace. Can come on a baby soft headband made to fit or a fully lined clip. 

No name for this one yet.
Two large handmade satin rosettes in cream & champagne colors. Accented with pearls. Comes on baby soft headband made to fit.

Three mini eggplant colored Rosettes on top of cream lace. 
Accented with cream pearls & mini cream bow. Comes on a baby soft cream headband that can be made to fit nb to adult. 

New colors of Alexis Rosette necklaces...
{Lilac & Turquoise}

So go check out my shop, Craft Couture. & my facebook fanpage because I do a lot of sales and daily deals there! 


  1. Super cute!! I love the vintage follower btw. Please stop by my blog for book club if you're interested--connie,

  2. Very pretty! Those roses are so trending! I love the diffent colours that you propose.

  3. Just lovely! These would also be nice alternatives to hats for the KY derby.

  4. Gorgeous head pieces. And I love the colours. Simply sublime.

  5. They're beautiful!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  6. These are just gorgeous!
    You're really creative!
    Love them <3
    I'm gonna add myself as a follower - can't wait to see more :D
    Katrine :)

  7. These are gorgeous! I am going to a concert next month, I may have to make one of these to wear to the show! :) Heather p.s. Thank you for partying with us over at the !


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