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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love teal, aqua, & turquoise?! I do! {giveaway reminder}

Etsy Find Thursday...woohoo!!! 
I will try to have a tutorial for you ladies next week, maybe lol.
 I've been working on things for my shop 
& now I'm going to be working on Ms. T's birthday dress :). 

So here are some etsy finds..
I'm loving the pretty teal/aqua/turquoise colors right now.

I love!!!
Melanie headband {Large satin real rosette on black feather pad} from Craft Couture

This lovely morning glory ring from Linkel Designs 
{one of my sponsors, check her out}

Love the style of this necklace & the color of that stone is divine. 
Exquisite Turquoise Teardrop Lariat from menuet Designs.

Love the meaning of this necklace & the detail of the freshwater pearl. 
I actually just ordered it this past weekend :).
Handstamped Om Necklace in sliver from Emilina Ballerina

I love the colors in the necklace scarf!!! So pretty! makes me think beach/summer.
Caribbean Aqua Necklace Scarf from Textile Monster.

Okay I came across these and had to share these bad boys because they are insane! lol. 
Can we say wow glitz! 
Aquamarine Rhinestone Heels from Lil Miss Brooked

Well that is all I have for you today. 
I'm working on finishing Ms. T's quilt so I'll share that soon. 
I will also share her birthday & easter dresses when 
I get them done along with matching hair pieces :). 
I'm excited to see how they all turn out.
 On a side note I am possibly redoing my blog design since I have hit over 200 followers {thank you all, I'm thankful for you}.

To enter my giveaway right now from my Craft Couture Shop
It ends tomorrow {4/1} at midnight est. 
If you follow my blog that is at least one entry so go for it. :) 


  1. You are quite talented! Beautiful stuff. I came over to check out your blog after reading Not So Homemade. Following you now and can't wait to see more loveliness you create.

  2. I love all these! I love the blue color its so pretty! I am giving you an award on my blog! Come check it out!



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