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About Me

My Name is Dominique…

I started this blog in January just to share about my everyday life things like being a first time mommy, crafts, & other things. You can check out my fanpage on facebook
Also I now have a shop :), Click here. 
If you would like to contact me about anything my email is
So Take a look around if you like, & leave a few comments.

Now here is a little bit about me...

I’m a stay at home mommy to a little girl

Married to a wonderful man
My husband & I are 5 1/2 years, 12 hours apart in age to the minute.
 (yeah I was excited lol)
 We have one dog named Emma

Singing Is my passion (music in general)

My favorite drink is water. I’ve been drinking only water for 6 years now (tea or juice once and a great while)

Love horseback riding, very relaxing

 I love dancing

I love getting dressed up even if it’s to go to the store

Hot chocolate in the wintertime is awesome

Coloring in a good coloring book with crayola crayons is relaxing

I was born with black hair but it turned blonde when I was 8 months old (weird, I know lol)

Pink is my favorite color

 I always have my toenails painted

Strawberries are my favorite

Lip gloss & clothes are my shopping weakness

Sewing, scrapbooking, & other crafts are calming

My favorite vacation spot, Florida Keys

I love the beach & warm weather

"Here's to the girl who loves shopping and shoes, but prefers to be barefoot and naked. Hates to sleep alone, but desperately needs her space. Has a warm heart, but is sometimes cold. Loves to be lazy, but always takes the stairs. Tries to be independent, but sometimes needs to be carried. Tries to always be on top of things, but longs to be swept off her feet"