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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Craft addiction!

Hello, My name is Dominique
& I'm a craft addict this week for sure! lol

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Okay back on topic lol....
I just wanted to share a list of projects that I'm doing this week.

1. Try for kitchen table. (missing black paint)
2. box for decor in kitchen (missing misty surf paint)

3. Last name letter & key holder.

4. Damask curtains for kitchen

5. Floor pillow for Tristen (missing stuffing)

Those are the things that I would like to make this week but I'm sure they all will not get done, but that's okay :)

I would also like to share...
Hobby Lobby is my favorite store hands down, has been for awhile!
I found These awesome things in the clearance isle tonight....

idk if you can see that...but it was 6.99 marked down to 1.51! Pretty awesome!

Spray paint for 58 cents, cents! so cool.
Yeah I'm a dork, oh well. lol

P.S. Tutorial for sewing caddy coming soon :D

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