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Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode {GIVEAWAY (something from France!) {closed}}

**Entries Closed**

I want to introduce you guys to my newest sponsor! 
Take it away Natalia! 

I am so excited to be here today!
Thanks Dominique for having me!
I am Natalia and I blog at Ma Nouvelle Mode. (It means my new style in French)
Let me introduce myself. I have kinda a funny story. My name is Natalia. I am married to a 6'7" Bahamian, born and raised, and we live in France. I know, right? Crazy. Our boys, we have two, are tri-cultural. And it is really funny to see how they have French in there and neither one of us do. Like my 4-year-old says "oh-la-la!" It is hilarious. I think I should probably stop it before we go back to the states.  
My cute boys
Me and the hubs
We live in France because my husband plays basketball here.  I love to travel, learning French, being creative, and much more.  Over at my place, I blog about crafts I have been into lately, which vary from jewelry to decoration for the house, my interracial, intercultural marriage, being a mom, beauty tips and products and whatever else comes along!
Paris from the Seine River
I am so happy to meet you all today that I have something for you!  Yes, straight from France!!  You ready to check it out??  Here ya go...
French coins and the American quarter
I love it!  I wish I could keep it!  But I would much more rather that one of you beautiful ladies have it!  

Isn't that necklace darling! I wish I could enter to win it! lol  Okay so here is what you need to do for a chance to win that beauty! 

Please leave a separate comment for each entry & include your email address

-Become a public follower of  Ma Novuelle Mode blog
-Become a public follower of Craft Couture {if you already are then say so}

{Extra Entries}
-Like Ma Novuelle Mode on Facebook
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-Blog, tweet or/and facebook about this giveaway {leave a link to it please}

good luck & have fun!

{Open worldwide. Ends May, 12th at 11:59pm}

**Entries Closed**


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