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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday! & {giveaway} reminder!

Hello Everyone! 
So today is my hubby's 29th birthday {& my half birthday lol}.
Wow I can't believe he is 29! 
Here is a funny picture of us from 3 years ago lol...
I joke with him that it's my half birthday on his birthday because we are exactly 5 1/2 years & twelve hours to the minute apart in age. He was born on May 4th at 5:29am & I was born on November 4th at 5:29pm.
Weird Huh?!
So Happy Birthday Hubby of mine! I love you! 

Okay so While I am here I wanted to remind you guys of my {giveaway} I have going on right now from 
The Pomegranate Basket. 
It ends tonight at 11:59pm est! 
So get your self over there and enter, You'll be happy you did! 

You will be entering for the chance to win 12 monogrammed Thank you notes! Awesome right?! 

I will be back later today to share with you
 some new things that are in my shop

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