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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alexis & Lexi Rosette Necklaces

I wanted to introduce you all to my 
new mini rosette necklaces named Lexi
If you like the larger rosette necklace named Alexis but think it's too much for you or if you are just
 wanting a little pop of color then Lexi is right for you. 
Can come on any length chain so you choose to have it come closer to your neck or down on your shirt, either looks fabulous! 
Lexi comes in pretty much any color you would like. 
This color that is in the picture is however limited. 

Here is the bigger verison, Alexis... in aqua.

Here are some other colors...

So If you need an Alexis Rosette Necklace 
or the new Lex mini rosette necklace come on over to my shop!


  1. These are so cute!! I am your newest follower!!!! Come check out my blog and follow me so we can stay in touch with each other!!!!

  2. My favorite is the bright yellow; I would wear it with a light blue are so talented!

  3. Oh, those are so pretty! I love love them:) You do a great job!!

  4. These are so pretty. I've been seeing them popping up lately and I think it's time I either try to make one myself or just go ahead and order one! Yellow is my favorite :)


    NEW follower from Eity Morgan! Would LOVE for you to check out my blog! LOVE these! SO GORGEOUS!


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