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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kim From "It's a Crafty Life" is Here Today {blog swap}

Hello everyone, I would love to introduce the lovely Kim from It's a Crafty Life. She is taking my blog over for today as am I with hers. So enjoy her & go visit her at her blog sometime. :) ...

Hi, everyone! 
My name is Kim and I'm really excited to be here at Craft Couture today.  
I always look forward to reading Dominique's posts and seeing her latest crafting projects, especially her sewing projects, they are beautiful!  
Thanks for swapping with me today, Dominique!

I have a blog called It's a Crafty Life where I share all the crafty things that I create or am inspired by.  I just started blogging a couple of months ago, but I've really had a ton of  fun with it so far.  
A little bit about me...I'm a teacher, and really enjoy spending the day with my students.  My husband and I have been married for just a little over a year, and we are in the process of putting our house up for sale.  
We are looking to buy a house with a little more room {it was tough trying to downsize from two separate houses into one! :-)} in the area that we grew up in.  Right now,  I'm sooo ready for spring.  
Not just because I'm freezing all the time {ha!}, but I can't wait to get my gardens going!  I love planting new flowers every spring and seeing what really takes off.  Until then, I keep myself busy crafting!  
Here's some of the projects that I have shared in the past couple of months...


photography {kinda goes with the scrapbooking! :-)},
 free printables for decorating,
crafting projects,
and a few recipes.

I have loved making new friends online, and really enjoy seeing what's going on in everyone's life {and craft room!}.  
I host a weekly Ten on Tuesday linky party, as well as the Saturday Swagger linky party where you can  show off your latest projects.  
So be sure to stop by to join in or just say hi!  Hope to see you soon!  
Thanks again for letting me visit, Domininque! 


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