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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Crafty Life Ten on Tuesday (Wednesday)

This week I'm joining in the party at It's a Crafty Life Called Ten on Tuesday :). 
Here's what you do....
Ready for Ten on Tuesday? Today's the day when you blog about whatever's on your mind...random info about you, events going on in your life, a top ten list, ten pictures, long as it is 10 items! Then come back here to link up and share! 


So go Join in her party, It's fun! 

Here are my 10 Favorite things this week
 (not including my family because they are always my favorite hehe)...

1. The weather we are having - 50 degrees is  nice compared to the below zero weather & snow everywhere. lol. Yuck! Suppose to be 65 degrees on Friday, yay!

2. Hellcats - I love this tv show. This week's was deff. a good episode.

3. The movie Life as we know it - I watched this movie over the weekend. It's a really good movie, I really like it.

4. The pictures of my friend's niece wearing the tutu & hat w/flower clip I made her - They turned out really cute! 

5. This ring that I made - makes me excited for spring & summer.

6. The Fact that my hubby watched "you again" with me - I love this movie because I love Betty White.

7. H&M - I found the cutest top for Tristen there this week.

8. Jo Ann's Fabric's 50% off remnant bin - I got a lot of good fabric for cheap. yay.

9. Taylor Swift - She is coming to town in June.My sister & I might be going.

10. Almay intense i-color for blue eyes - The colors are so pretty.

Well those are the things that I can think of right now lol.


  1. I {heart} the ring you made!! So cute:)

  2. I really wanted to see that Josh Duhamel! I'm loving the weather too, and that it's #1 on your list! ;-) Thanks for linking up!

  3. #1 Me too! oh me too!
    #3 I LOVE that movie
    #5 Love the colors of the ring (question who did you order your bands from, i ordered some on etsy that look similar to that and they are really thin...what do you think of yours)
    #6 just watched it last night and really like it!


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