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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Want some Sparkle in your life?

So today I have some awesome things to share with you!
 A review of...

Pretty little Lion carries Hair clips & headbands. 
They are all embellished with the prettiest Preciosa & Swarovski Crystals to add sparkle & shine!
Pretty Little Lion Designs hopes that her pieces helps you sparkle & allows your mane to roar! 

Pretty Little Lion Designs Sent me these two 
Lovelies I am about to show you.

When I opened my package I found this. The flowers were each in the cutest bags ever! The bags just make you instantly happy lol.
I love when I order handmade stuff and they come in cute packaging, makes it even better & makes me want to order more. 

So I opened the little bags and found these beauties! 
Aren't they stunning!? The crystals have so much sparkle. 
The flowers are the perfect size too. 
I would have taken pictures of my little girl wearing them but she wouldn't leave them in long enough, believe me I tired. lol
The backs of them have alligator clips and these soft paper like circles. The only thing is I wish that the clip was lined with ribbon or something so it wouldn't poke my head when I go to put them in my hair. 

So I highly recommended Pretty Little Lion Designs.
You will not be disappointed if you are wanting to sparkle! 
The only thing that I did not like about them like I said was I wish that the alligator clips were lined so they didn't poke your head when you try to put them on, it's not a big deal just my review. Other than that they are great & I would buy these flowers any day! 

So go pay Pretty Little Lion Designs a visit & come back here to tell me what you love if you like :). 

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