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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Stores!

Today is Top Ten Tuesday! :)...
Today I'm going to share my top ten favorite stores with you, yay! 

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Okay on with Top Ten Tuesday :)....

Top Ten Favorite Shops:

(These are not in order...)

1. Hobby Lobby! 
- this is my favorite store though! lol
2. Etsy 
- I'm not much of an online shopper 
but when it comes to this site I am! 
3. Jo Ann Fabrics 
- When Hobby Lobby doesn't have it, Jo Ann's does. 
4. Shoe Woo
- Love shoes? Then this store is for you!
5. Forever 21 
- I could get lost for hours in this store. 
6. Bath & Body works
- I love smelly goods. I'm not allowed in 
this store though because my bathroom closet 
looks like bath and body works haha.
7. Target
- They have really cute toddler/baby clothes & my clothes! lol
8. H&M
- Love their clothes plus they have kid clothes!
9. Anthropologie
- Love this store!
- Cute toddler/baby clothes & my clothes. 

What are some of your favorite stores? 

I'm linking up to It's a Crafty Life's Ten on Tuesday.


  1. Amen to your favourite stores! I can't get over H&M's baby clothes!

  2. Yours are some of my favorites too! Etsy, Forever 21...

    I love Target's organazational stuff. Kohls I always go to about this time of year for really cheap sweaters on sale.

    (My other favorite for really cheap sweaters is actually Gymboreee --their expensive in season, but when I stumble on a going out of season sale they are about $4. I stock up then for next year, and then the following year sell them on ebay or consignment for about what I payed for them if the kids don't stain them up. :-)

  3. Hobby Lobby is my favorite store too!! And I've never heard of Shoe Woo, but you better believe I'm about to be looking them up! Thanks so much for sharing your 10 on Tuesday!

  4. You covered most of mine! I would have to add Hancock's to the list and Michael's. :) Especially since Hancock's, Michael's, and Target are all within a mile of each other!

  5. I think all crafters must love the same stores, ha! :-) Target is my favorite by far though. Thanks for linking up!


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