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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tanning lotion that works with one use!

Hello all!
I'm working on my tutorials for my sewing machine cover & sewing caddy. :)
More sewing & craft projects to come next week which is exciting!
Sewing machine cover tutorial coming tonight so check for that. 

On another note. It is now the middle of January & I'm tired of the snow & cold weather. So I thought maybe if i looked tan It would make it easier to deal with the cold weather lol. So that is where my self tanner comes into play.
This Jergens natural glow express is awesome & you get a lot of color even with the first use. I can only use it two days in a row or it's too dark which shows how much it works. It stays for like a week or more which is extra awesome! To top it all off it looks totally natural!

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