Craft Couture is looking for sponsors.
If you are interested right now you get
3 months FREE for doing one giveaway
& 4 months FREE if I do a review on your product.
Email me at if interested.


Thank you for being interested in being a sponsor.

To be a sponsor

1. $5 month fee includes: 200x75 size button on my sidebar, introduction post on blog. Also a intro link on Facebook & Twitter the first month. Then a spotlight post every following month.
If you want to pay for one more than one month at time..
For 2 months: $9
For 3 months: $12
For 6 months: $25

2. Sponsor a giveaway: Doing a giveaway you get three months of advertising for FREE. It also gets you a 200x75 size button on my sidebar for two months, introduction post with the giveaway.Also an intro post on Facebook & Twitter.

3. Product Review: I will review your product for you and do a post about you and your product. Just send me a full size version of your product...For this you get four months of advertising for free which means your button on my sidebar for four months, review post for the first month & a spotlight post for each month after that.

* If you are interested in doing a blog swap with me just contact me & we can talk.

If  you would like to be a sponsor of Craft Couture, you have any questions, or if you have another idea on how you could be a sponsor just email me :). 

*No animated buttons please. Craft Couture is a family friendly blog. I reserve the right to refuse any sponsor/giveaway/review if I feel sponsor is not a good fit with Craft Couture or advertisement is too full*